Official Results
Yes votes:
4,949,543 (40.6%)
No votes:
7,251,443 (59.4%)

Proposition 10 would repeals Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act, which limits local rent control laws. Under the measure, cities and counties can regulate rents for all housing and limit rent increases a landlord may impose when a new renter moves in. Local rent control laws would not be affected. The measure would also measure requires that rent control laws permit landlords a fair rate of return.

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Proponents of Proposition 10 say that rent is far too high in California and that the measure will provide communities with the ability to place much needed limits. They claim that the measure will also provide landlords with proper rate of return.


Opponents claim that the measure will force many residents out of housing by increasing costs for landlords. They believe that the measure will take price control from owners and give it to bureacrats. Finally, they say that new regulations will increase higher housing prices due to landlords converting to short-term rentals.