Official Results
Yes votes:
8,545,393 (51.1%)
No votes:
8,175,618 (48.9%)

Proposition 19 would allow eligible homeowners to transfer a property's taxable value to a more expensive home. Persons who are over 55 years old or with severe disabilities could transfer their tax assessments up to three times in a lifetime. Additional revenue resulting from the ballot measure would be allocated to wildfire agencies and counties.

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Supporters of Proposition 19 claim that the measure will provide relief to seniors, wildfire victims, and disabled people. They say the measure will create home ownership opportunities for renters and new home buyers.


Opponents claim that Proposition 19 will remove Proposition 13 tax protections and replace them with a tax increase. They claim inherited property will be taxed as a higher rate, which will force family members to sell their homes.