Official Results
Yes votes:
9,384,125 (56.2%)
No votes:
7,305,026 (43.8%)

Proposition 24 would expand data privacy laws and rights including: reducing the number of businesses forced to adhere to privacy laws; removing and instutiing new requirements for businesses regarding consumer privacy; allowing consumers to opt out of companies sharing of personal data; insuring that  personal data is correct; limiting the sharing of sensitive data. The measure would also institute new penalties and limit the spending of penalty revenues by the Consumer Privacy Fund. Finally, Proposition 24 would creates a new state agency, the California Privacy Protection Agency (CPPA), to oversee and enforce the state’s consumer privacy laws.

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Supporters of Proposition 24 say that polls show that Californians want more privacy protection in regards to online data. They say the measure would protect consumers from being profiled based on location, sexual orientation, health status, or religion. They point to the measure's provision that it can't be amended without the approval of voters at the ballot box as a necessary way to further cement privacy protections.


Opponents of Proposition 24 claim the measure is deeply misleading and is full of privacy reductions and benefits to social media platforms and big tech companies that will further misuse our personal information.