Official Results
Yes votes:
7,231,044 (43.6%)
No votes:
9,356,096 (56.4%)

Proposition 25 would determine whether or not bail reform bill SB 10 will go into effect. SB 10, passed by the Legislature in 2018, eliminates bail and institutes new assement requirements for release from county jail before trial. Specifically, people jailed for most misdameanor crimes would be automatically released after 12 hours. This proposition requires that state trial courts assess people who are ineligible for automatic release regarding their risk of commiting a crime or not appearing in court. The measure would institute new requirements for detainment after arraignment. 

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Supporters of Proposition 25 claim that the current bail system is unfair and unsafe. They say the measure will appropriately reform the system by ensuring jail space is reserved for those who are dangerous. They also believe that innocent people are currently forced to plead guilty to crimes they didn’t commit due to the nonrefundable bail fees. They say the measure will help reform this failure of the system.



Opponents of the proposition claim it is costly and uses racially biased computer algorithms to decide who remains in jail and who goes free. They say the measure will discriminate against the poor, minorities, and people who live in certain neighborhoods.