Official Results
Yes votes:
7,551,298 (62.7%)
No votes:
4,494,143 (37.3%)

Proposition 4 authorizes $1.5 billion in general obligation bonds for California’s 13 children’s hospitals and other hospitals that treat children under the California Children’s Services Program. Bond revenue would be used for renovation, remodeling, expanding, and finance of hospital facilities. The state would pay off $2.9 billion over 35 years.

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Supporters of Proposition 4 say that the measure will allow them to build more capacity and reach many more children for a small price. They point to the sucess of children's hospitals in the state since voters supported a bonds in 2004 and 2008.


Opponents of Proposition 4 claim that the proponents of the measure need to fully justify it by addressing details of its full cost, confirming that the funds will be used for the uses specified, and providing justification of the uses.