Official Results
Yes votes:
8,354,156 (71.9%)
No votes:
3,258,740 (28.1%)

Prop. 40 is a referendum on the California State Senate redistricting plan approved by the California Citizens Redistricting Commission. A "Yes" vote approves, and a "No" vote rejects the new State Senate districts. If the proposition does not pass, the districts will be adjusted by officials supervised by the California Supreme Court.

For more information on this proposition, including voter resources, in-depth analysis, and endorsements, please see the California Choices web site.


Supporters of Prop. 40 believe that the measure will protect the existing state Senate maps drawn by the voter-approved independent Citizens Redistricting Commission. They claim that the existing redistricting plan, approved by the passage of Proposition 11(2008) and Proposition 20 (2010) and the defeat of Proposition 27 (2010), created a fair redistricting process with no legislator input.


There is no official argument opposing Prop. 40. In January 2012, the California Supreme Court ruled that the State Senate redistricting maps generated by the California Citizens Redistricting Commission pursuant to 2008's Proposition 11 must be used throughout the elections of 2012. After that decision, opponents of Prop. 40 announced they would no longer be campaigning against the referendum.