Official Results
Yes votes:
2,328,377 (65.3%)
No votes:
1,236,276 (34.7%)

Proposition 41 would enact the enact the Veterans Housing and Homeless Prevention Bond Act of 2014 to authorize $600 million in bonds to provide multifamily housing to homeless veterans and their families as well as those at risk of becoming homeless.  Money from the general fund would be appropriated to pay off the bonds.  

For more information on this proposition, including voter resources, in-depth analysis, and endorsements, please see the California Choices web site.


Proponents say that the measure will direct unspent funds to address the large problem of housing for veterans and their families. They say that the measure does not create new taxes or add to state debt. Proponents say that to not tackle veteran housing crisis is to abandon those that served in military conflicts for their country.


Opponents of the measure point to the fact that all the money borrowed by selling bonds will have to be paid back through the general fund, and not by the veterans themselves. They say this places another burden on the financial health of the state.