Official Results
Yes votes:
5,283,222 (43.2%)
No votes:
6,952,081 (56.8%)

Proposition 6 would amend the State Constitution to require the Legislature to gain voter approval for new or increased vehicle and fuel taxes. Taxes on gasoline and diesel vehicle license fees, and transportation improvement fees are covered under the measure. Proposition 6 would also remove fuel and vehicle taxes that the Legislature has passed after January 1, 2017 including those instituted under SB1, with was passed in April, 2017.

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Proponents of Proposition 6 say that the measure will reverse the legislature's faulty vehicle and fuel tax increase of 2017. They maintain that the proposition imposes the important measure of requiring voter approval for any future vehicle and fuel tax increases.


Opponents say Proposition 6 will remove funds for critical transportation projects and infrastructure. They maintain that California's bridges and roads are in disrepair and need renovation.