Official Results
Yes votes:
6,254,342 (46.8%)
No votes:
7,109,642 (53.2%)

Prohibits state from buying any prescription drug from a drug manufacturer at price over lowest price paid for the drug by United States Department of Veterans Affairs. Exempts managed care programs funded through Medi–Cal. Fiscal Impact: Potential for state savings of an unknown amount depending on (1) how the measure's implementation challenges are addressed and (2) the responses of drug manufacturers regarding the provision and pricing of their drugs.

For more information on this proposition, including voter resources, in-depth analysis, and endorsements, please see the California Choices web site.


Proponents say that Proposition 61 fights back against drug company price-gouging. They believe that the measure will make drugs far more affordable for consumers who pay unreasonable costs for necessary medication.


Opponents claim that Proposition 61 does not cover many needy Californians and could jeopardize the special pricing that the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs receives. They also say that the measure will result in a costly bureaucracy that will interfere or delay patient access to medication.