Official Results
Yes votes:
7,167,315 (59.7%)
No votes:
4,828,564 (40.3%)

Proposition 7 permits the Legislature to change daylight savings time with a two-thirds vote as long as it is permitted under federal law. Currently, California has a saving time period from early March to early November. A change to a year-around time period could affect state energy consumption and the amount of sleep some of the population gets.

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Supporters of Proposition 7 should be passed because it will allow the Legsislature to vote on a year-round time instead the current daylight-saving changes. They believe that creating a year-round time will increase health outcomes. They say that many citizens will get much needed sleep. They also maintain that a year-round time will save the state money.


Opponents believe a year round daylight savings time is an uncessary proposal that will cause confusion with other state's times. They also point to the fact that many Californians who engage in morning activities will now have an hour more of darkness, making activies more difficult.